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For any problem or challenge you’ve encountered using an appliance, you’re probably not alone. Our compilation of tips, tricks and hints is not only thorough, but also carefully checked to ensure we’re providing the right answers.

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At Appliance Recovery Of Nashville LLC., our goal is to provide the community with informative, innovative content that not only enhances their appliance experience, but provides the support needed to complete some hacks on their own. Our comprehensive Appliance Tips & Tricks has been created by experienced technicians, for customers, which means everything you read is fully tested and ready to be put into practice. We rely on help from our loyal community to make sure we offer the best help possible, so please get in touch with additional questions.

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Dishwasher Tips

  • Choose heavy duty cycle

  • Add high temp

  • Add or refill rinse aid

  • Clean dishwasher filter

  • Insufficient detergent 

  • Redistribute load

  • Defective heating element

  • Call for service

Washer & Dryer Tips

  • If not cleaning check detergent tray is not clogged

  • If not spinning; make sure door or lid is closed properly  

  • If no power check breaker is not tripped 

  • If dryer is not heating check you breaker (dryers can still run but not heat on a tripped breaker)

  • Clean filter or check outside vent is not blocked

  • No heat make sure wrinkle prevent is not selected 

  • Call for service

Refrigeration Tips

  • Check fridge power is on

  • Dirty condenser coils

  • Air vent blocked in freezer or fridge side

  • Breaker could be tripped 

  • Freezer door was left open overnight

  • Location can affect fridge temp

  • Improper setting on control

  • Call for service

Oven & Stove

  • Oven/ Stove not heating, check home breaker is not tripped

  • On some gas ranges if there's something block your ignitor it will not lite (try cleaning before starting)

  • Some digital models you have to push start after selecting desired temperature 

  • Call for service